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Is lack of sleep destroying your daytime life, your relationships and your health? Dr. Edward Shukovsky has extensive experience treating patients that snore and/or have sleep apnea. He works closely with patients to significantly improve their condition, and hence, their quality of life.

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Meet Dr. Edward Shukovsky

Dr. Edward Shukovsky is a dentist who believes his job does not end with basic oral hygiene — he seeks to help each of his patients improve their overall health, as well. Dr. Shukovsky has extensive experience and training in dental sleep medicine, and offers a variety of options to help individuals stop snoring and treat their sleep apnea, including oral appliances. He also provides patients with the ability to complete a sleep study in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Shukovsky is a board-certified Diplomate of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, and has trained at the prestigious Hornbrook Group, as well as the Aesthetic Masters. Dr. Shukovsky remains up-to-date with treatments and technologies in dentistry and dental sleep medicine by participating in various continuing education programs. He is a member of several renowned organizations, such as the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Dental Association.

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We are a Medicare DME Supplier for Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances


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Common Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Do you experience constant fatigue? Have you unintentionally fallen asleep throughout the day? Is it difficult for you to concentrate or remember things? If you answered “yes” to these questions, it is possible that you are sleep deprived. There are a multitude of variables that can cause an individual to become sleep deprived; however, if snoring or sleep apnea are preventing you from getting the rest you need, we can help you treat these conditions and start getting a better night’s sleep. Click the links below to learn more about what might be causing you to lose sleep.


What Are My Treatment Options?

After a sleep study has been conducted and a diagnosis has been received, Dr. Shukovsky can help you to find the treatment option that is best for you. Our practice offers a variety of snoring and sleep apnea treatments, ranging from non-invasive to surgical. Please click through the links below to learn more about each of the solutions we offer.

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How Do I Stop Snoring?

Have you been told that you snore in your sleep? If you happen to share your bed with a loved one, it’s probably something they’ve mentioned—most likely, they have lost some sleep because of it. However, they’re not alone! If you’re snoring, you aren’t getting the quality sleep you need, either. So how can you […]

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