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Trained in dental sleep medicine, Dr. Edward Shukovsky has been able to help many patients who suffer from sleep apnea or constant snoring. Aside from getting a better night’s sleep, our patients have reported a multitude of other benefits after treatment, including weight loss, increased energy, improved focus, better memory, and more! Please take a moment to read through some of our patients’ stories to get a better idea of how sleep apnea and snoring treatment from Dr. Shukovsky can change your life for the better! To learn more about the benefits of the sleep apnea and snoring treatments offered at our dental practice, please contact us today.


I greatly appreciate allowing me to be your “guinea pig” for the Night Lase treatment, and my husband is even more grateful for a good night’s sleep! He’s sending you some home-grown vegetables from his garden as a token of his thanks (and mine too)!
Enjoy! Thanks again.

As a retired Nurse I am familiar with medical devices. For years I suffered from severe snoring to the point of divorce.The Sleep Apnea caused sleep interruptions and potential medical problems. I had tried every device available from diet modification, nasal tapes, meditation, and the more sophisticated Cpack. They all did something, but not enough to make a major difference.I decided to try the dental device to wear at night and now I am able to add 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night for an uninterrupted sleep. I wouldn’t want to live without it. It is easy to wear, and there is no discomfort, irritation, or pain of any kind.

Thank you Dr. Shukovsky for the perfect fit and training ,and a professional job well done.

-F. Brugger

As a young adult with sleep apnea, I was frustrated by the options available to me, until I met with Dr. Shukovsky. I was referred to Dr. Shukovsky in 2011 and my quality of life and sleep has improved since he fitted me for a device (I don’t know the proper term, so feel free to add it in.)

I relied on a CPAP for a year or so, but as my work was international at the time, bringing a CPAP to countries in which I couldn’t always depend on electricity, the device seemed more cumbersome then helpful. I resigned myself to the fact that I would be tired most days. When I met Dr. Shukovsky he reassured me that I didn’t need to live with constant exhaustion. I felt immediately at ease with him as well as his staff, they were incredibly patient, professional, encouraging and accommodating to my schedule.

Dr. Shukovsky and his staff quickly fitted me with a device (as I was leaving shortly for work abroad) and worked with me regarding timing and price. He set up subsequent appointments to check in and told me to reach out whenever I needed. My quality of life and sleep have dramatically improved since acquiring my appliance. I would recommend everyone I know to Dr. Shukovsky and his staff if they were in need of a dentist or help with sleep related disorders. It’s rare to come across such a dedicated team at a doctor’s office that take all the time necessary to assure the patient is comfortable and happy, in Dr. Shukovsky’s office this seems to be the rule.

In my 50s, my snoring became a problem for my wife and for me. A sleep study confirmed only that I had mild sleep apnea. I didn’t stop breathing in my sleep but my snoring was pretty loud. Woody Shukovsky, my dentist of many years suggested that I would be a candidate for an oral appliance that would adjust my lower jaw at night to promote a more open pathway for breathing. I agreed to have him fabricate the night guard for me and my symptoms improved right away. While I can say that the night guard has cured my snoring, I can say that there has been great improvement and there is far great harmony at home. I also sleep much better with the appliance and avoid waking myself and more importantly my wife.

In fairness, there are a few drawbacks to the night guard:

  1. My bite is slightly off since I started wearing the night guard. It’s not noticeable to anyone but me and my dentist.
  2. The night guard is one more thing to pack when going away. I will not leave home without it. I sleep much better wearing the guard.
  3. The night guard must be kept out of the reach of the family dog who will treat it like a pacifier. I made that mistake only once.
  4. It requires some simple planning for a good night kiss. Better to kiss without the appliance in place.

I have known Wood for over 30 years and place a great deal of faith in him. He’s a terrific dentist who remains on the leading edge of dentistry. I am pleased to endorse him and the mouth guard that he recommends to improve snoring.

I have been successfully using the SomnoMed oral appliance for more than three years. I came to this solution after a discussion with my dentist about my snoring problem, which disrupted my wife’s sleep and raised health questions for myself. He provided test equipment that monitored my sleep at home, confirmed my snoring and indicated mild sleep apnea. I also consulted with the center for sleep medicine at a nearby hospital and explored treatment options. In the end, I decided that the oral appliance suggested by my dentist best fit my lifestyle and that it was the least invasive and most comfortable option.

My wife and I are completely satisfied with the SomnoMed solution. My snoring is reduced to a minimum and the apnea is controlled, and just as important, the appliance is convenient, non-invasive and comfortable. I know that further adjustments could eliminate the snoring altogether, but I have arrived at an optimal solution for the present and can make adjustments in the future if necessary. I highly recommend this option to anyone searching for a solution to these sleep problems.
-Scott K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Shukovsky’s for many years now and have never left an appointment without a smile on my face! From the lovely, personal greeting to the doctor’s friendly and professional staff of assistants and hygienists, it is obvious that along with the state of the art dental care provided by the doctor and his staff, the whole experience is made to be a pleasant one.

Dr. Shukovsky made a sleep appliance for me which has made my sleep so much more sound (for both my husband and me!). No more loud snoring was a gift to him and a better night’s sleep for me was a true “win – win”!
Thank you, Dr. Shukovsky, for helping me in so many ways.

I purchased this mouthpiece after my wife informed me that my snoring was keeping her up all night. Although we were both skeptical about it at first, we are pleased with the results. I put it in each night before I am ready to fall asleep, and it has drastically reduced my snoring. Furthermore, it prevents me from grinding my teeth at night, which is a product bonus. I never realized how much I was grinding my teeth, but I would wake up with headaches, jaw aches, and a generally sore mouth. Now, I awake well-rested and pain free. This has helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful to have found a product that works.

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