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We are proud to welcome you to Dr. Edward Shukovsky’s new specialty website! At Stamford Sleep Solutions, Dr. Shukovsky believes in promoting health beyond oral hygiene. He works closely with sleep medicine physicians and internists to help patients discover what is preventing them from achieving a good night’s sleep. Once the root of the problem has been found, using his extensive training in dental sleep medicine, Dr. Shukovsky can prescribe an appropriate treatment that can aid in encouraging more restful sleep and improving overall health.

Here on our blog, we will discuss a variety of topics related to sleep health, including common concerns, tips for getting a better night’s sleep, treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea, and more! Please check back frequently to learn more about how you can become healthier through quality, restful sleep.

If you have been losing sleep and suspect it is due to sleep apnea or snoring, please contact Dr. Edward Shukovsky today to schedule an appointment.

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